Instructions for Thesis Awards Applicants

  1. 為鼓勵國內學生從事創新性化學研究,特設置研究論文獎及辦法。
    The goal of the CSLT Thesis Awards is to encourage local students in chemistry to participate in excellent research.
  1. 以碩博士畢業論文參選者,請選擇以下評選領域:「無機化學」、「有機化學」、「物理化學」、「分析化學」、「化學生物」、「新創藥物」、「應用化學」、「化學合成」等 8 類。以大專生專題報告參選者,請勾選大專生組「新秀獎」。
    Eligibility: Undergraduates and graduate students. 9 major categories are provided for selections: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Chemical biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Synthesis, and College Student Research Award
  1. 年會報名註冊完成後,方可進行投稿。
    Online registration prior to submission is mandatory.
  1. 一個報名序號只能投稿一個領域。
    Each account holder is allowed to submit to ONE category.
  1. 2022/12/30 2023/01/15 研究論文獎申請截止。當晚 12 點前為上傳最後期限。
    Submission of application must be completed by December 30, 2022 January 15, 2023 , at 11:59:59 PM.
  1. 研究論文獎Q&A
    Thesis Awards Q&A
    (1) 需準備那些資料呢?
    大專生新秀獎:報名表、指導教授推薦函 (由指導教授上傳)、專題研究報告、其他參考資料。
    其他研究論文獎項:報名表、指導教授推薦函 (由指導教授上傳)、碩/博學位論文、其他參考資料。
    Required documents for applications:
    Undergraduate students: Fill in the online application form, recommendation letter (submitted online by the advisor), research report, and supplementary materials.
    Graduate students: Fill in the online application form, recommendation letter (submitted online by the advisor), thesis/dissertation, and supplementary materials.
    答:有。本獎項提供 2021 年 9 月至 2022 年 8 月間畢業者申請,然 2020 年 9 月至 2021 年 8 月因兵役問題無法參加上屆選拔者,歡迎報名參加。
    This award is only open to individuals with undergraduate research report or degree thesis that are approved between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022. Exceptions are allowed only for individuals who cannot compete for the awards taken place in the 2022 Chemistry National Meeting due to obligation of serving the compulsory military service.
    答:請多加努力,於完成畢業論文後參加。然而,上個學年完成之學士級專題研究報告,可以參加不分領域之大專生新秀獎(College Student Research Award)的選拔;上學年完成之碩士學位論文,可參加各領域的研究論文獎。
    Graduate students who have completed their thesis/dissertation are eligible for applying the Thesis Awards. First-year graduate students and undergraduate students are welcomed to participate in the College Student Research Award with their undergraduate research report.
    Previous applicants and recipients of the thesis award are not eligible. However, undergraduate students can still become eligible if they submit a research report that is different from that of the last year.
    There are no restrictions on the number of nominations from a department.
    Online registration of the annual meeting is mandatory. Refund is available for those who are not invited to attend the oral contest and are unable to attend the annual meeting.
    Applicants do not need to deliver a print version of their thesis/dissertation.
    Please fill in advisor’s contact details on online application form. He/She will be contacted via email to submit a recommendation letter.
    答:學位論文或專題研究報告是一個單獨的 PDF 檔,其他補充資料請合併為一個 PDF 檔後上傳。兩個檔案的檔案大小均需在 60 MB 以下。
    Supplementary files must be prepared in a single PDF file. File must not exceed 60 MB.
    答: 申請者將於年會前收到審查結果通知。請參加口試者準備一份簡報,並於指定時間及地點參與口試。得獎名單會於網頁公告,並於閉幕典禮頒發禮金及獎狀予得獎人。
    Applicants will receive a decision notification by email before the annual meeting. For those selected for the oral contest, you will need to make a presentation at a designated time and venue to a panel of referees. The list of awardees will be announced on the 2023CNM Website prior to the closing ceremony. The awardees will receive a certificate and a cash prize at the closing ceremony of the Chemistry National Meeting.

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