Instructions for Poster Presenters

  1. 投稿者亦須完成註冊繳費,才可以於會期中發表該篇論文。

    Complete registration with full payment is required for poster presentation.
  1. 一個報名序號只能投稿一篇。
    Each account holder is allowed to submit ONE abstract.
  1. 年會壁報與摘要建議使用英文。請下載模板
    English is the preferred language for the poster and the abstract. The template can be downloaded here. 
  1. 2023/01/15 2023/01/31 壁報投稿截止。當晚 12 點前為上傳最後期限。
    The deadline for submitting your poster abstract is January 15, 2023 January 31, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM.
  1. 會議張貼壁報的尺寸建議所張貼的壁報為 A0 尺寸(寬 90 cm 長 120 cm)。
    Posters should be prepared in A0 size (90 cm wide x 120 cm high).
  1. 摘要以及海報格式中需明列所有作者,報告者姓名需要加底線,指導教授需要標註星號。
    Names and affiliations of all authors must be clearly displayed. The name of the presenting author should be underlined (__) and the name of the advisor asterisked (*).
  1. 大會秘書處將於年會網頁公告各壁報張貼梯次與編號。參加壁報獎評選者請於指定時間梯次出現在壁報前,與評審委員互動。
    Designated poster session and number will be announced on enter the Poster Award Competition, the presenter please stand by at the poster to interact with the reviewer during the designated session.
  1. 得獎人名單將於評選結束後於網頁公告,並於閉幕典禮頒發禮金及獎狀予得獎人。
    The list of Poster Award Competition awardees will be announced on the 2023CNM Website. The awardees will receive a certificate and a cash prize at the closing ceremony of the Chemistry National Meeting.

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